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We have designed an adapted plan to ensure that your brand’s priority rights are not defrauded by a third party. Stay tuned for any risk of confusion.

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The trademark is a private property. Therefore, the State cannot oppose the registration of a mark identical or similar to yours, but you are the only one who, as an individual against another individual, can exercise your private right to object.

Thus, the Trademark Law does not involve the Administration in the face of the mischief of third parties in the surveillance of trademarks, but offers a timid exit for information purposes (Article 15 of the Regulations for the Execution of the Trademark Law)  consisting of warning of previous identities without completely resolving the problem of surveillance, but only in a small part

Because the surveillance of brands, due to the creative nature of these, involves challenges difficult to solve by conventional computer programs. Often such programs encounter phonetic discrepancies such as separations of creative words, subtle conceptual differences between uncommon words, synonyms not perceptible both in Spanish and in other languages, impossible to detect if it is not designing, as Heda does, a specific surveillance plan for each mark, which compares it without omission with any subsequent trademark application.






It is 20 years since Heda began researching this problem whose solution it can now offer, owning the copyrights of its Specific Trademark Surveillance Plan (© Copyright 2020). For this exclusive plan does not escape being discovered any subsequent resemblance, so it amounts to a full coverage insurance

Our Specific Plan consists of elaborating in advance for each monitored brand a list of comparative options in which all possible phonetic, conceptual, divisional, synonymic and interpretative similarities are present, which are comparable with any subsequent mark that may overshadow it.

Would you like to receive a proposal for specific surveillance of your brand or brands for free? We will get in touch if you reply to this email aherrera@hedapatentes.com.

And if you want to subscribe to our Specific Brand Surveillance Plan ©, the annual cost is €24 per brand.

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