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Heda is the licensee of the specific plan for the surveillance of trademarks © 2020 whose copyrights it exploits in exclusive

What is brand surveillance?

The registered trademark is a private asset, so it is exclusively for its owner to ensure the exercise of his own rights, including priority rights, which authorizes him to oppose any subsequent mark that aspires to be registered despite leading to confusion with the guarded one. But if the proprietor of the priority mark does not object through negligence, because he has not heard about it, the registration of that later mark is granted, even if it may be confused with the earlier one.  Hence the importance of vigilance.

As marks are imaginative creations, it is impossible in many cases for a conventional computer program to detect phonetic, semantic, formational or versioned analogies at the computer junction with later marks that may confuse. Because since many of these creative names do not appear in dictionaries, the analogies are not detected.

Heda is the only Agency that offers a specific service © of surveillance to prevent the registration of identical or similar subsequent trademarks.

How do we prevent the presence of subsequent marks that may be confused with the monitored mark?

Heda’s specific surveillance plan crosses daily the brands monitored with the trademarks applied for and subsequently published in the national, EU and international bulletins, detecting those that coincide totally or partially with the comparative options included in the specific list previously elaborated. And…

What is our specific list of comparison options like?

It consists of a list for each monitored mark that includes all the possible analogies that may emerge in the computer crossing with later marks. This list is largely handmade specifically for each brand monitored, being able to collaborate in it the owner of this.

Why specific surveillance?

  1. Because no conventional computer program can detect the absolute phonetic identity of a separate creative mark, such as INMO GAR, when trying to cross computerizable with the same trademark joined INMOGAR, because neither INMO nor GAR not appearing in dictionaries are detectable electronically, so that existing the trademark INMOGAR united will suffice to register picaresque INMO GAR separated to appropriate the same trademark in spite of its total phonetic identity.
  2. Because it is impossible to detect conceptual similarities of creative denominations, such as PROPERTY, INMO BUILDING, or HOME, HOUSE, GAR ADDRESS, if previously the words PROPERTY, BUILDING, HOME, HOUSE or DOMICILE have not been included by hand in the specific list.
  3. Because it is not possible to compare imaginative creations with translated versions, such as DULCICLAIR with SWEETCLAIR, because DULCI is not a recognizable term in dictionaries, being therefore necessary to include them by hand SWEET in the specific list.

In short, it is a question of setting up a specific surveillance plan for each brand, in which each owner can collaborate in the choice of phonetic, divisional, cohesive, conceptual and versioned similarities that must be present in the daily computer crossing with the trademarks requested and published in the bulletins of tracked brands. This trace should not omit any option that is not detectable because it is not in dictionaries.

How is Heda’s specific surveillance plan contracted?

Agreeing the owner of the mark to monitor and Heda the specific comparison of the list previously prepared with all the applications for subsequent trademarks published in the daily bulletins of national, europe union and international trademarks and the consequent notification by email of each positive crossing found.

How much does it cost to monitor a brand with Heda’s specific surveillance plan?

The price of the service per brand is 24 euros per year plus VAT.

It’s very simple. Contact Heda and ensure the specific vigilance that the good image of your brand deserves.

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Heda Patentes y Marcas has exclusively licensed the copyright of this novel method of specific surveillance of trademarks, being in force its copyright.

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