24 € per brand + VAT

Annual subscription to the Specific Plan for the Surveillance of © Heda Brands

50 € per brand + VAT

Personation of the Agent of Heda in the file of the monitored mark (optional)

20 € per brand + VAT

Inserting an advertising message in the hidden drop-down window of the monitored mark

176,20 € + VAT

Opposition due to similarity found in surveillance and accepted.

243,70 € + TAX

Action against a decision rejecting the opposition.

250,43 € + VAT

Renewal (every 10 years from the date of application)

We carry out the necessary procedures and take the obligatory measures in defense of your exclusive rights against possible infringements.

Heda Watch:

Professionals with a long experience oversee the vigilance to avoid the granting of identical or similar Marks to yours

Madrid: C/Silva, 2, 1st – 28013 — Sevilla: Virgen de Guaditoca, 8st 41011

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