Collection of samples

Here we show you in alphabetical order the brands monitored by our Specific Brand Surveillance Plan © their logos, corporate colors and advertising message.

If you want to connect with any of them, click on the brand and a window will appear with the contact details and an advertising message about their products or services.


Heda ensures that its brand is unique in the market, without shadow of any other. ask us.

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Entrust us with your safety today, tomorrow you may need it.

954 90 37 04

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We create value in your company

916 38 98 37

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Dives, courses and diving trips in one click

600 662 413

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eat at Moi’s!

600 380 156

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We provide several brands that have already contracted specific surveillance with us.

We invite you to join this group of customers with your trademark and safe.

Heda Watch:

We take care of and protect your brand. Guaranteed experience and completeness.

Madrid: C/Silva, 2, 1st – 28013 — Sevilla: Virgen de Guaditoca, 8st 41011

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